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Seyidoglu Tahini Plain Halva 400g, Halvas, SEYIDOGLU, BAKKALIM UK, 8698529310087,..
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Seyidoglu 300 Gr Tahini Halva With Pistachio ..
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Seyidoglu Pistaciho Flavoured Tahini Halva 400g..
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Seyidoglu Tahini Halva with Cocoa 400g..
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Seyidoglu 250 Gr Cotton Candy Seyidoglu is a special dessert type unique to Izmit district of Kocaeli province. In general, cotton candy, or other names are also called stringy halva, stringy topping halva, towing halva, flax halva.Taste the sweetest version of regret with Seyidoğlu Sarma Regre..
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