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Roasted Nuts

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Tadim 285 Gr Roasted Black Sunflowers Seeds..
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Tadim 300 Gr Roasted And Extra Salted Sunflower Seeds..
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Peyman Bahceden 120 Gr Osmaniye type Peanuts Roasted and Salted..
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Peyman Bahceden 120 Gr Antep Pistachio Roasted and Salted..
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Tadim 300 Gr Roasted Sunflower Seeds..
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Tadim 170 Gr Roasted and Extra Salted Sunflower Seeds..
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Tadim Fistixx 140 Gr Taco Flavor with Peanut..
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Tadim Fistixx 140 Gr Sour Cream and Onion Flavour Peanut..
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Fistikci 1000 Gr Giresun Hazelnut..
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Tadim Sunflower Seeds Roasted 170g..
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Bodrum 150 Gr Pistachio Kernels ..
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Anatolia 250 Gr Black Salted And Roasted Sunflower Seeds  ..
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Tadim Sunflower Seeds Roasted and Extra Salted 300g..
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Tadim 75 Gr Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted And Salted ..
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Peyman 150 Gr Citliyo Kara Simsek Double Roasted and Salted Black Sunflowers Seeds..
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Bodrum 200 Gr Roasted Hazelnuts Roasted hazelnuts are one of the most popular dried fruits in Turkey. In addition, it is extremely popular not only for its flavor, but also for its benefits to the human body. In addition to its benefits such as strengthening immunity, protecting heart health an..
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Honey Hazelnut 500gr, Roasted Nuts, 0THERS, BAKKALIM UK, ,..
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Bodrum 600 Gr Turkish Pistachio  ..
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Tadim Salted and Roasted Cashew Nuts 150 GrIf, as in all aspects of your life, you are adventurous in your taste and enjoy differences, we are happy to offer you the highest quality and delicious cashews of the territory of India and Vietnam in its abundant salty form! A high source of fiber and pro..
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Tadim 30 Gr Hazelnut Bar Suppressing the feeling of hunger that appears during the day has never been more delicious! In parallel with the growing trend of healthy eating in recent years, the “Nuts Bar”, which has increased in popularity, has become one of the pleasant habits of all of us. One ..
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Bodrum 200 Gr Roasted Salted Snow White Pumpkin Seeds Our roasted pumpkin seeds are Nevsehir pumpkin seeds.Benefits of pumpkin seeds:The benefits of pumpkin seeds to the skin are not much known, but they have an effect on accelerating the healing of wounds and burns on the skin.Compared to othe..
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Bodrum 300 Gr Unsalted Roasted Black Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are the seeds of the sunflower plant. It is located right in the middle of the flower. The sunflower seed is a teardrop-shaped grey-white-shelled seed. The seeds of the oil Sunflower are black.Every 100 grams has 634 kcal of e..
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Bodrum 300 Gr Roasted Sunflower Seeds -Thanks to its high nutritional value and vitamins, minerals and fibers-A unique option for your health and immune system.- A healthy and natural source of energy for daily and sports activities.-A very good alternative that helps you in your diets with the..
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Bodrum Black Roasted Sunflower Seeds 300grAlthough preferences change, the flavor remains stable. Once you start eating, you can't stop finishing; black roasted sunflower seeds!..
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