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This Confidentiality Agreement, it applies to all users who are members of the / site or who are not members, who make purchases or not.

This Privacy Policy shows how your personal information is used and how it is protected. By using our Services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy will enter into force on the date of entry into the site for new users and existing users.


This Privacy Policy, https:// it describes how we manage your personal information when providing services related to the / site. This Privacy Policy, https:// / website (briefly BAKKALIM UK LTD. (hereinafter referred to as) applies to.

Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

You can visit the Site without telling who you are or providing any personal information. If you choose to share your personal information, no more BAKKALIM UK LTD. you will cease to be an anonymous user for. By accepting the Privacy Policy, you provide your personal information to BAKKALIM UK LTD. if you agree to share your information with BAKKALIM UK LTD. by giving permission to use it for advertising purposes.

BAKKALIM UK LTD. you agree that <url> may collect and store your personal information as stated below;

1.       E-mail address, address/contact information, identification number, tax office and tax number information;

2.       Information about the transactions taking place in connection with your activities on the site (such as bidding, buying, selling, adding products or product content created by you to the site or linked to your user account);

3.       Shipping, billing information or other information provided to purchase or ship a product; correspondence, feedback and BAKKALIM UK LTD. made through the Site. ‘or 'sent'

4.       Computer/hardware and connection information, statistics on page views, traffic information and go to the page, name, data/ad publications and related data, IP address and standard web log information/standard web log information, including your visit to the site, BAKKALIM UK LTD. other information arising from your use of the services, your interaction with our content and ads;

5.       For the purpose of verifying your identity or to contact BAKKALIM UK LTD. october there is a suspicion that you have violated the relevant policies of October, we may ask you for additional information (for example, sending an identification number or invoice to verify the address, or answering some additional questions to verify that you are the original owner of the listed product);

6.       Information received from other companies, such as demographic and navigation data;

7.       October information provided from third parties;

BAKKALIM UK LTD. the main purpose of collecting personal information is to provide a secure, trouble-free, effective and personalized service. BAKKALIM UK LTD. you agree that <url> may use your personal information for the following purposes;

1.       To provide the user support and services you request;

2.       Resolving disputes and glitches on the Site;

3.       To prevent, find and investigate transactions that are likely to be prohibited or prohibited, or illegal activities, and BAKKALIM UK LTD. Applying the Confidentiality Agreement;

4.       Personalize, measure and improve our services, content and promotions;

5.       BAKKALIM UK LTD. and BAKKALIM UK LTD. to provide you with information about the group companies' services, targeted marketing, service updates and promotional offers within the framework of your preferred communication channels;

6.       Sending promotions for marketing purposes by e-mail; (Instructions on not sending promotions are also included in the sent e-mail)

7.       To compare and verify this information with third parties in order to confirm the accuracy of the information.


BAKKALIM UK LTD., for use in marketing activities, BAKKALIM UK LTD. 3. your personal information it will be able to transfer it to people, combine it with other users' information and information collected from other companies to use our services to improve our content and promotions and provide personalized or new services.

Also BAKKALIM UK LTD. 3. it can send promotions for marketing purposes determined as a result of negotiating with people. If you do not want to receive these promotions for marketing purposes or participate in the advertising personalization program, you can make these requests by changing your settings on the Site or following the instructions contained in the e-mail of BAKKALIM UK LTD. you can forward it to .

Your Personal Information is stored at BAKKALIM UK LTD. Disclosure By

To provide your personal information, our services, to fulfill legal obligations, BAKKALIM UK LTD. we may explain the rules and policies for the purposes of applying them, responding to claims of infringement brought by third parties regarding the product or content offered for sale, or protecting the right or safety of any person.

Besides that, BAKKALIM UK LTD. it may share your personal information with the following parties;

1.       Within the framework of the contracts, BAKKALIM UK LTD.with service providers who assist in the conduct of business activities of. (Fraud investigations, invoice collection, business partnership and reward programs, marketing and promotion services, user support services, etc. as )

2.      BAKKALIM UK LTD. in your or other BAKKALIM UK LTD. users which could lead to civil and criminal liability of an investigation, illegal activity or other activities with third parties or other government agencies or request information about our judicial institutions. The information we may disclose may include your user ID, user ID history, personal identification number, name, city and phone number where you live, email address, IP address, fraud complaints, offer and listing history, or any other information you may see relevant.

3.       Investigation of fraudulent activity related to rights holders protection program participants, intellectual property infringement, piracy activities; in accordance with the law and confidentiality agreements or non-exclusive discretion we deem necessary or appropriate in other illegal activities for the purpose of Investigation. In this case, we can disclose the name, street, city, country, zip code, phone number, e-mail address and company name information.

4.       Together with other commercial organizations, BAKKALIM UK LTD. i would like to take over or buy BAKKALIM UK LTD. other business entities that are considering merging with. (In the event of a merger, the merged company will also be asked to apply this privacy policy; you will be notified in advance if your personal information will be used in a different way than this privacy policy.)

5.      BAKKALIM UK LTD.  from judicial or other government agencies, or 3. in the absence of a valid request from persons, their personal information may be provided to judicial or other government agencies or 3. he will not disclose it to people; however, it may disclose this information only if it is necessary to disclose this information or to report suspicious transactions that may be contrary to the law in order to protect your privacy and prevent those who attempt to carry out illegal activities on the Site, not limited to the above situations, and if it believes that this notification will prevent possible damage or material loss.

BAKKALIM UK LTD. Your Personal Information That You Share in

Your user ID is displayed throughout the Site, so it can be seen by everyone, and all BAKKALIM UK LTD. it is connected with your actions in ’

If you log in to the Site from a public computer or from a computer in an internet cafe, your user ID and BAKKALIM UK LTD. some information, such as incoming reminders, may be displayed by the person who uses the computer after you.



On some of our pages, we use “cookies” (small files placed on your hard drive) to help us analyze our internet page flow, personalize our services, measure the effectiveness of advertising our content and ads, and improve our security.

Here are a few important things you should know about cookies:

1.       We offer some features only if cookies are used.

2.       We use cookies to identify you and to ensure that you remain logged in.

3.       Most cookies are ”session cookies", that is, they are automatically deleted from your hard drive upon logout.

4.       You can always refuse cookies if your internet browser allows it. However, in this case, you may not be able to access some of the features on our Site.

5.       It is also possible to encounter cookies of third parties on certain pages of the Site and outside our control. (for example, if you access a website created by other advertising companies and linked to from a product promotion page, there may also be cookies on this website.)

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