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Tatlicilar 800 Gr Traditional Turkish Burma Desserts..
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Turkish Baklava is a deliciously rich, buttery, dessert made from phyllo dough, finely ground walnuts, butter, and a syrup made from sugar and water...
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Lezza 145 Gr Special Kunafah..
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Besin Değeri100 Gramında% Günlük Değer *Kalori419 kcal% 20.2Karbonhidrat42 g% 13.6Lif0 g% 0.0Protein7 g% 14.9Yağ24 g% 37.2Kolesterol21 mg% 7.0Sodyum0 g% 0.0A Vitamini57 IU% 1.1C Vitamini0.08 mg% 0.1Potasyum2 mg% 0.1Kalsiyum12 mg% 1.2Demir1 mg% 7.1* Yüzdelik(%) günlük değerler, günlük 2075 kalorilik ..
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Ingredients:Flour, Eggs, Starch, Sugar, Peanuts, Butter. It Does Not Contain Any Preservatives and AdditivesEndurance Time:8 Days in winter, 5 days in summerAdvice:Heat the baklava taken in winter slightly before eating.Storage Conditions: Keep It in a Cool and Dry Place...
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Traditional 500 Gr Turkish Special Pistachio Baklava Pistachio Special Baklava  Baklava dough, prepared freshly with first quality hard wheat flour, was opened thinly and turned into baklava doughs by baklava masters from Gaziantep!  While the prepared baklava doughs were stacked on t..
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Traditional 500 Gr Turkish Walnut Baklava Baklawa with Walnut is prepared by using 40 layers of phyllo on average.  Milk-white walnuts cultivated in Sebinkarahisar are peppered as between the layers.  This walnut, too, does not release its fat when minced and is a tasteful one .. ..
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Traditional  500 Gr Turkish Cold Pistachio BaklavaOur favorite cold baklava;  A great meeting with milk, chocolate and peanuts.  Much lighter than you think!  Number of slices: 14 -15 / KgContent: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Butter (Plain Oil), Egg, Starch, Peanut, Milk, Chocolate A..
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Daily Made!Traditional 500 Gr Turkish Mussel Baklava Midye baklava is a kind of special baklava in the form of “mussels” that was produced by a company in Gaziantep, as a result of about 4 months of R&D studies.The difference of Midye Baklava, which takes its name from the resemblance to th..
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Traditional 500 Gr Turkish Carrod Sliced Pistachio Baklava Carrot Slice BaklavaCarrot Slice Baklava is made by the baklava masters from Gaziantep, carefully selected from the raw materials of Gaziantep region.  Hand-rolled thin dough, Best Quality Pistachio and Carrot Slice of Baklava is w..
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Traditional 500 Gr Turkish Pistachio Baklava Baklawa with Pistachio is prepared by using 40 layers of phyllo on average. Among its ingredients is pistachio which is cultivated in Gaziantep and which is also known as “gray pistachio”. Baklawa is cooked at 160°C in oven for 45 minutes. Its syrup ..
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