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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When you get your orders from shipping company, if you see any problem about package please do not take the delivery and contact us.

If you face any problems after you take your package you can contact us with our Whatsapp phone number +44 784 784 1234 or with our email [email protected] Our expert staff, will provide solutions with regard to your problem.

We would like to state that when you  buy frozen food products you will not get these as frozen, therefore we recommend that you consume them within 1 day after receiving them.

We don't have refund on foods with out any reason. If you have problems with the product you got you must inform us in 24 hours via our customer service phone number or email address. After you informed us we pay back your money if all products have same problem. Otherwise the only damaged product is what you get then we will send new product to you. For this you must send back the damaged one to us with using our retro cession page.

Product refund for defective goods; you can refund your order in a week after you took the order with your invoice. Before you send the product back please inform us.

We apologize to say that we can not help our customers or visitors that do not contact us in time written above. For not facing any problems you must read this terms and conditions page frequently. We have the rights to modify these rules. We will inform you via email when we modify these rules.