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Dried Legumes

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Duru 1000 Gr Round Red Lentils Round red lentils are a type of red lentils formed by peeling the outer shell of the lentil and lubricating the inner lentil with cotton oil. It is a widely consumed type of lentils in Turkey and the world, and Duru Bulgur uses lentils grown only in southeastern A..
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Duru 1000 Gr Peeled Wheat For Ashurah Wheat for ashurah is produced from soft wheat, unlike durum wheat, which is used in bulgur. Wheat for ashurah, commonly used in ashurede and keshkek food made in certain regions of Turkey, is produced by cleaning the wheat and peeling its bark.  &..
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Duru 1000 Gr Green Lentils This type of lentil, called green lentils due to its yesilish color, is of a different size and shape than other lentils. Green lentils, which have a flatter shape, unlike the ball shape of other lentils, are obtained by peeling their Yesil. One of the most basic qual..
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Duru  2500 Gr Coarse BulgurBulgur is the most recognized and most consumed variety in the world and Turkey. The size of bulgur with rice is about 2.0 – 2.8 mm according to Turkish standards. Duru Bulgur 3 of yellow bulgur varieties. for a larger size.Origin: TurkeyTypes Of Dishes Where The..
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Duru  1000 Gr Fine BulgurMeatball bulgur is one of the most widely used pulses in today. Meatball bulgur is usually used in Lentil Meatballs, raw meatballs and barren. It is presented to our customers with the quality of meatball bulgur Duru, which is of great interest in Turkey as well as in t..
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Bodrum 5000 Gr Coarse Bulgur ..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Red Lentil Red lentils, which are satisfactory in terms of Protein value and fiber ratio, are among the indispensable nutrients of kitchens. Red lentils, which are preferred for delicious soups as well as nutritious salads, also stand out with its vitamin B-rich property. A ..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Split Red Lentil ..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Semolina Coarse ..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Corn Popping corn, which will double your TV and movie enjoyment, is sold Raw in a way that you can adjust its oil and salt yourself. In a pot or popcorn bowl, you can pop it over the fire by putting it on the stove. Popcorn, which you can consume as a family and serve to your gu..
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Bodrum  5000 Gr  Fine Bulgur..
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 Nevsah 5000 Gr Super Baldo Rice Baldo rice, which is used in the production of rice that accompanies the most special main dishes of kitchens, manages to stand out with its large grains. Baldo rice, which fits perfectly with your dishes that you will serve together with rice rice, which i..
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 Nevsah 1000 Gr Super Baldo Rice..
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