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Duru  1000 Gr Popcorn PuffmaisPopcorn is a yellow colored and hard corn type. It is only used to be popped. The variety used by Duru is butterfly popcorn which resembles a butterfly when popped. Another variety of popcorn is mushroom. Mushroom popcorns look like mushroom. With its 99% popping r..
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Denar 1000 Gr Popping Corn Popcorn is a great option for moments when you are looking for a delicious snack.Recommendations For UsePut a spoon of liquid oil and 1 cup of corn in a pot. Close the lid and wait until all the grains pop...
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Corn Popping corn, which will double your TV and movie enjoyment, is sold Raw in a way that you can adjust its oil and salt yourself. In a pot or popcorn bowl, you can pop it over the fire by putting it on the stove. Popcorn, which you can consume as a family and serve to your gu..
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