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Duru 1000 Gr Kirgiz White Beans..
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Duru 1000 Gr White Beans 6mm..
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Duru 1000 Gr Fava Beans..
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Duru 1000 Gr Green Peas..
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Duru 1000 Gr Black Eyed Beans..
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Duru 1000 Gr Red Beans..
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Reis 1000 Gr Red Kidney Beans..
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Duru 1000 Gr White Beans ..
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Duru 1000 Gr Cranberry Beans ..
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Burcu 600 Gr Boiled White Beans Packaging type580 ccProduct TypeGlassNet Weight600 gBox12Storage ConditionsDry and cool..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Black Eye Beans Burritos, whose homeland is South Asia, Africa and India, which have crossed to the American continent in 1700, are among the high-protein grain products. Black pepper, which has a low fat ratio, plays the leading role of delicious salad recipes. In order to incre..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Red Kidney Beans Bodrum red kidney beans take its place in kitchens as a nutritious and delicious pulses. There are a variety of salads that can be made, as well as food alternatives that can be cooked using red beans. A high source of protein and fiber, the product means a healt..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Black Turtle Beans Black beans, which are transported to your tables from South America, are boiled and cooked. After cooling, especially black beans, which are very suitable for salads, can be consumed as a side dish, added to sandwiches or used for serving.Because it contains a..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Split Broad Beans ..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Rosecoco Beans ..
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Bodrum 1000 Gr Alubia Beans ..
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Bodrum  1000 Gr Dermason White Beans..
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Denar 1000 Gr Borlotti Beans Denar kidney beans, produced by processing carefully selected beans without losing their flavor, carry healthy and satisfying meals to your tables. Denar kidney beans, quality and high standard beans are produced through many control stages such as cleaning, process..
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Duru 2500 Gr (7mm) White Beans7 mm white bean is a kind of Turkish bean whose grain color is white and whose grain shape is kidney. This type of bean is mid-sized with a caliber of 7 mm grown in Karaman and Konya provinces of Turkey where are famous for superior flavor. Another difference of this re..
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