Ulker Krispi Spiced Stick Crackers 43gr


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Ulker Krispi Spiced Stick Crackers 43gr

With Krispi Spiced Stick Crackers, you can start making crackle. This product, which saves the cracker from its classic form of stick shape and carries it to a different visual, also goes beyond its classic line as a content and brings cracker lovers together with the flavor of seasoned crackers, destroying the perception of simple crackers.

Krispi serrated Cracker spicy 43gr, which is the name of the crunch conversation, stands out both for its visual design and content. Krispi serrated crackers are spicy, as well as spicy and cheesy bulbous varieties. If you want this cracker, which adds flavor from plenty of spices to its intense crunch from its serrated shape, you can consume it in a conversation with friends or crunch it as a friendly sound on your lonely evenings. This product, consisting of Bite Crackers, offers a more crunchy flavor with its thin form. If you want, you can add a new dimension to the cracker treat by serving it with dip sauces. With these crackers, which have lovers of all ages, you can follow the movie, match or series in a more enjoyable way.