Ulker Cokonat Milked Chocolate And Hazelnut Coated Wafer 33g


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Ulker Cokonat Milked Chocolate And Hazelnut Coated Wafer 33g

Ülker Çokonate is a delicious wafer produced by Ülker. It consists of three layers of wafer layers covered with milk chocolate. There are plenty of hazelnut crumbs on top. Known as" Nat nat Nat Cokonat", you can snack on this delicious wafer during your coffee and tea breaks and multiply its flavor by sharing it with your loved ones.

In order for your wafers that open the package to not soften, you must take care that they do not receive air. For this purpose, it is important to keep your wafers in closed containers, cool and moisture-free environments. For this, you can choose glass jars, vacuum storage containers. When storing your chocolates or chocolate-covered wafers, you should remember that sudden temperature changes will also affect the chocolate coating on your wafers. Keeping it in the refrigerator causes the chocolate to lose its homogeneous structure. This, in turn, leads to bleaching caused by the rise of cocoa butter on top. Bleaching on the chocolate does not mean that it deteriorates, but it creates flavor changes. For this reason, the most suitable environment for storing chocolate is cool, dry and odorless environments.