Ulker Bizim Risi 500g


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Ulker Bizim Risi 500g

Bizim pasta barley noodle 500 gr, one of the products of Ülker brand. It is one of the pasta varieties produced in accordance with hygiene rules under factory conditions. After cutting the dough into thin strips, the barley noodle obtained as a result of becoming small particles does not contain barley and similar legumes in it.

Barley Noodle, which is found in the traditional culinary culture of Turkey, is used in rice and soup dishes as our barley noodle risoni. Barley Noodle, which is also used as a salad ingredient, is easy to use in most dishes, as it is from the small-piece pasta class.

Barley Noodle, which is among the products that you can easily cook between evening and lunch and during meals, can be consumed with the sauce or deli product you want. At the same time, one of the methods of cooking is frying in oil and pouring boiling water on the barley noodle is cooked for 8 to 10 minutes.