Ulker Bizim Fusilli Pasta 500g


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Ulker Bizim Fusilli Pasta 500g

One of the ideal choices for lunch and dinner can also be 500 gr of our pasta Auger. You can spice up your dinner and lunch table with delicious pasta recipes. Pasta products produced in a factory environment with hygiene are prepared in accordance with clean and health conditions. It is packed and delivered to the buyer, taking its place on the shelves. Pasta auger, which passes through all stages, will be ready at your table in a short time.

Our Auger Fusilli, prepared between 15 and 25 minutes, is known to be consumed either using sauce or plain. The auger fusilli you prefer among shaped pastas is one of the products that is packaged and suitable for consumption. Auger pasta, which is one of our products that pasta lovers can choose, is ready at your table in a short time.

Auger pasta, which you will prepare by boiling, is one of the consumer products that you can use with the sauce and deli product you want.