Ulker Bizim Farfalline Pasta 500g


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Ulker Bizim Farfalline Pasta 500g

Our pasta butterfly 500 gr, which is one of the products of Ulker, is packed through special processes in the factory environment. Pasta strips, which are in the form of dough, through special tools, dough strips are chopped into a butterfly shape and left to dry. Pasta prepared in this way can be one of your ideal choices for evening and lunch. Butterfly pasta is one of the consumer products that you can prepare as you want with both sauces and deli products.

Our butterfly farfalle, which can be cooked in 15 to 25 minutes, is one of the delicious pasta varieties that can be placed on your table in a short time. Pasta varieties that you can prepare with the cooking method you want are products that have settled in Turkish culture from Italian tables, United with our palate in a short time.

Our pasta products, where you can find many types of pasta, are among the products that can be cooked in a short time. It is among the basic food products you want in the evening and lunch and the foods you can consume.