Traditional Turkish Special Pistachio Baklava 500g

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Pistachio Special Baklava

  Baklava dough, prepared freshly with first quality hard wheat flour, was opened thinly and turned into baklava doughs by baklava masters from Gaziantep!  While the prepared baklava doughs were stacked on the tray, the delicious Pistachio Baklava was flavored with plain butter!  When it came to peanuts, lots of coarse peanuts adorned the doughs!  Layering of thin baklava dough on peanuts continued!  When it's time to cook, the freshly prepared baklava tray was left to cook for a long time in traditional ovens with wood fire!  The dessert that came out of the oven was crowned with natural sugar beet and the transition sugar with color sherbet!  With the difference of Pistachio Baklava, what makes the “Special Baklava with Pistachio” special, the yummy baklava dough has less style than other desserts!

  Pistachio Baklava's "Special Baklava with Pistachio" Speeding Up Hearts Decorated the Benches, Enchanted the Eyes!