Traditional Turkish Sobiyet Pistachio Baklava 500gr


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 Sobiyet Dessert, which is made with milk cream and locally grown boz green pistachio nuts (other name is kusboku) in Gaziantep (not iranian or american). Baklava is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with Antep pistachio and sweetened with sugar syrup. It is made from natural and fresh ingredients. The crunchiness of one bite of Baklava, its mild flavour melted in the mouth, its numerous ingredients flavour and the texture of the syrup create a great sensation. So you can offer it in your very special days and in Eids. 

The difference of special baklava from the others is that it contains more Antep Pistachio Kernels..

Ingredients: Antep Boz Pistachio Green Kernel(from Antep), Flour (from Antep), Eggs, Butter, Sugar, Water, Milk Cream.