Titiz Chestnut Kebab 125gr


  • Brand: TİTİZ
  • Product Code: 1975
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Titiz Chestnut Kebab 125gr

Our brand, which is a leader in ready-made chestnut production, proves that quality is definitely not a coincidence with “Titiz Chestnut kebab”.

”Titiz Chestnut kebab”, made from sugar chestnuts, one hundred percent natural, peeled, roasted and ready to eat, will always be your indispensable, not only in winter.

In addition to its excellent taste, “Titiz Chestnut kebab”, which is low in fat, a store of vitamins, minerals and energy, keeps you full and keeps you fit in daily life.

Open and eat “Titiz Chestnut kebab”immediately with its healthy packaging, which does not contain any preservatives and colors!

Palate-cracking flavor...