Tadim Pistachio Bar 30g

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Tadim Pistachio Bar 30g

Suppressing the feeling of hunger that appears during the day has never been more delicious! A great suggestion for those who want baklava! In parallel with the growing trend of healthy eating in recent years, the “Nuts Bar”, which has increased in popularity, has become one of the pleasant habits of all of us.

One of the outstanding flavors in nuts bars is the tasting pistachio nuts Bar, where dried fruits and pistachios are combined with the tasting quality! Pistachio nuts Bar, which has a high nutritional value and stands out for its flavor, is always next to you at every moment of the day. On a busy working day, when hunger suppresses, when you need motivation while studying, when you spend the day in the car, at decoctions that you don't want to miss, or when you just feel like something sweet, it will be your most delicious supporter. 

Natural Nuts Bar with 63% pistachios and dried fruit is one-to-one to soothe hunger with flavor with its hearty feature. Of course, only at the tasting.

Pistachio Bar nutritional values (for 100 gr):

Fiber : 2.9 Protein: 14 Fat: 32.3 Saturated Fat: 5.4 Carbohydrates: 43.8 Energy: 528