Tadim Fried And Salted Cashew Nuts 180g

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Tadim Fried And Salted Cashew Nuts 180g

If, as in all aspects of your life, you are adventurous in your taste and enjoy differences, we are happy to offer you the highest quality and delicious cashews of the territory of India and Vietnam in its abundant salty form! A high source of fiber and protein does not stop counting the benefits of cashews; cashews also contain high iron. If your dream is to spend intermediate meals with healthy snacks, but also not to compromise on taste, tasting roasted salted decoctions is for you! We choose the most delicious cashews in the world for you. From parties to home meetings, we salted and roasted cashew nuts, which we carefully selected to create your favorite nuts in all your events, bringing them to an exquisite taste. Moreover, we are assertive that one of the nuts that will best suit your favorite drink on the beach or in the calm of the forest is cashew nuts. Tasting roasted salted cashews, which the person who once tasted can no longer give up, is waiting for you to enjoy the moment even more! 

Roasted salted cashews nutritional values (for 100 g):

Protein: 19.9 Fat: 47.2 Saturated Fat: 10 Carbohydrates: 18.6 Energy: 509