Kristal 4000 Ml Olive Oil

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Kristal 4000 ml Olive Oil

By using healthy fats in all your meals, you can get the nutritional values your body needs and support your immune system. The dishes you cook with extra virgin olive oil produced by Kristal, the salads and appetizers you prepare become much more delicious, while also meeting the fatty acids that are important for your body. The product is cold tight.

Olive oils, which have different varieties according to production technique and acidity level, can be used in dishes and salads, as well as fries. Olive oil presented to you in a healthy and practical glass bottle with 4 ltr not only flavor your meals, you use the health of extra virgin olive oil in all meals of both yourself and your family. Extra virgin olive oil, especially rich in vitamin E and K, is also effective in maintaining your hormonal balance and in the point of using your stored oils during sports. Because of the antioxidants it contains, olive oil, which helps maintain blood pressure balance, you can use it in different dishes that every age group from your family will love. Due to its structure, extra virgin olive oils, which can also play a role in eliminating hair and skin problems, are suitable for multi-purpose use.