Knorr 103 Gr Tarhana Soup With Barley Noodles


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Knorr  103 Gr Tarhana Soup With Barley Noodles

For those who do not lack traditional tastes from their table; tarhana Soup With Barley Noodle from Knorr. We enriched the indispensable recipe of Anatolia Tarhana soup with barley noodles and chickpeas. Thus, we have adapted the traditional recipe for you to the present day and brought together nutritious and delicious soups that are a source of fiber to your tables. Bon Appetit!

Contents (Powder mixture):

Barley noodles (%29,10) (durum wheat semolina,water), tarhana (%24,25) (wheat flour, plain yogurt ,tomato paste, red pepper, onion, salt, yeast), wheat flour, dried, crushed tomato, potato starch, salt, chickpeas, sugar, semolina (wheat), dried ground beef (%1,94), yeast extract, fat (chicken), dried and grinded onion, sweet red pepper extract, oil and powder (vegetable oil (sunflower), lactose(milk), milk protein), yoghurt powder, vinegar powder, parsley, garlic, natural flavour makers (milk product), crushed red pepper, mint, black pepper, allspice.