Knorr Ezogelin Soup

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Knorr Ezogelin Soup

In order to achieve the flavor of our Ezogelin soup in its full consistency, we collect vegetables and spices ripened in the sun during the season. Like the tarhana you make at home, we prepare it with drying, which is a traditional method. We blend ingredients for delicious soups with masterful touches from our chefs. We maintain the freshness of our soups for a long time with our 3-layer packages that provide protection against air, light and moisture. Enjoy your meal.


(Powder mixture): red lentil flour, rice, wheat flour, iodized salt, grinded dried onion, yeast extract, dried, crushed tomatoes, sweet red pepper extract, peppermint, aroma makers (milk product), sugar, bulgur (wheat), spices (cumin, red pepper flakes, turmeric), vinegar powder, vegetable oil (palm), dried, crushed garlic. Trace amounts may include eggs, celery, mustard, soy, almonds, nuts, pistachios and sesame.