Knorr Classic Chicken Soup

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Knorr Classic Chicken Soup

You must have just met Gallus Gallus domesticus. Yeah, chicken ... by itself. Our acquaintance with chicken dates back thousands of years, while our acquaintance with cream occurred in an estimated more recent period of time. This association between chicken and cream changes the course of history, while this lost time should be compensated by drinking a lot of cream chicken soup, never give up.


Potato starch, maltodextrin, crisp bread (wheat flour, yeast, salt), fat powder (11%) (vegetable palm oil, glucose syrup, milk protein), aroma makers, iodized salt, yeast extract, sugar, chicken fat (0.8%), parsley, turmeric, dried shredded chicken (%p 0,05). Trace amounts may include eggs, celery, mustard, soy, pine nuts, nuts, pistachios, almonds and sesame.