Knorr Ceamige Champignonsupple Soup

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Knorr Creamy Mushroom Soup 63 G

Knorr Creamy Mushroom Soup is the most practical form of classic creamy mushroom soup. The intense cream and mushroom taste stays on your palate for a long time. It is indispensable with large mushroom pieces. This light and delicious soup is the ideal choice for those who like classic flavors. It is very practical to make. Dry soup mixture in each bag is added to 1 liter of water. It is kept on low heat for 15 minutes after being mixed and cooked until it boils.

Knor products; It is obtained by picking fresh vegetables taken in season, washing them and drying them at appropriate temperatures. These products are divided into small pieces and placed in durable and moisture-proof packaging. In this way, it becomes ready to be used for a longer time. According to the type of product, spices, grains, legumes and meat products are added. It is recommended that packages containing dry soups be stored in a cool, moisture-free and odorless environment before opening. Knorr products do not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives or preservatives.

Remember; By mixing with a wooden spoon, the soups cooked over low heat are more delicious.

Usage Recommendations

1. Add 1 pack of Knorr Creamy Mushroom Soup (63 g) to 5 cups (1 liter) of cold water. 2. Let's mix it until it boils. 3. Let it rest for 10 minutes on low heat and serve. Enjoy your meal.

Net Amount (g / ml)


Origin: Turkey


Wheat flour, potato starch, iodized salt, oil powder, (whey powder (dairy), milk sugar, vegetable oil, (palm)), yeast extract, flavorings, dried ground onion, dried mushrooms (1.7%), sugar , vegetable oil (palm), mushroom extract (0.8%), parsley, garlic, lemon juice powder, black pepper.

Allergen warning

May contain trace amounts of eggs, milk and dairy products, mustard, soy, almond, hazelnut, pistachio and sesame.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place.