Butter and Margarines


Sana Classic Vegetable Margarine 70% Fat 250g


Sana Classic Vegetable Margarine 70% Fat 250g..


Sutas Butter 250g


Sutas Butter 250g..


Ulker Teremyagi Eco Pack 6x250g Halal


Fat Spread 60%..


Vakfikebir Unsalted Butter 250g


Vakfikebir Unsalted Butter 250gButter, which has many benefits for our health, contains a high amount of vitamin A, as well as vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin E, zinc, copper, iodine..


Ulker Teremyag Butter With Gourmet Cream 500g


Ulker Teremyag Butter with Gourmet Cream 500g..


Vakfikebir Butter Salty 250gr


Yorem Trabzon Butter Salty 250grSalted butter, butter is among the most natural and most consumed oils. It is usually made from fatty cow's milk and sheep's milk. In addition, its ..


Yayla Village Butter 300gr Exp22/9/21

£3.49 £4.99


Yayla Village Butter 300grBenefits Of Butter- Gives energy- Calcium contains phosphorus and iron.- Butter is a very good antioxidant, that is, it is a very necessary fat to remove ..

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