Efepasa Pasam 1000 Gr Finger Garlic Sausage

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Sausage is a fermented meat product produced by filling red meat minced meat obtained from cattle and small cattle into dried intestines by mixing it with various spices and garlic. Sausage, a meat product with a long shelf life, is a widely consumed food product from the geography of the Balkans to Central Asia. Sausage is an important food source that is also often consumed in Middle Eastern countries. Dec Sundries, which are one of the indispensable food items of Sunday breakfasts where the whole family gathers, are also one of the products that will allow you to provide guests with a unique taste during break meals and picnics. Among the sausages consumed in different forms in different parts of the world, the most dec preferred sausage varieties are kangal sausage, baton sausage, finger sausage and variant sausage products. Nowadays, with the development of technology, sausage products are also divided into fermented sausage and heat-treated sausage according to different production methods.

What is Fermented Sausage? How Is the Fermentation Process Done in Sausage?
Fermented means ripening. Fermentation process is the method used in sausage production for many years. Sausage is produced by mixing red meat minced meat into the dried intestine with various spices and garlic and filling it into the intestine. The fermentation process, which is the main production form of sausage, is the maturation process of the sausage product filled into the intestine by waiting for a minimum of 30 days by natural means.

As I mentioned earlier, the developing technology has also affected the production of sausage. Heat-treated sausage products undergo the same processes as the fermentation process in stages. The meat, which is again ground into minced meat, is mixed with various spices and garlic and filled into the animal's intestine. The reason why the heat-treated sausage is separated from the fermented sausage is the waiting time. The maturation process of heat-treated sausage products is extremely short. In order for the sausage to ripen in a short time, excessive heat and moisture treatment is applied. Thus, in as little as 2 days, the sausage becomes ripe. The differences between fermented sausage and dec-treated sausage are as follows.

Nutritionists say that fermented sausage products are healthier than heat-treated sausages, and advise consumers to give preference to fermented sausage products.