Duru Green Lentils 1kg


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Duru Green Lentils 1kg

This type of lentil, called green lentils due to its yesilish color, is of a different size and shape than other lentils. Green lentils, which have a flatter shape, unlike the ball shape of other lentils, are obtained by peeling their Yesil. One of the most basic quality criteria in Yesil lentils is the size of lentils. This size is also determined by measuring the diameter of the lentil in mm. Clean, 100% natural, green lentils are used. The most basic feature that distinguishes domestic lentils from imported lentils is the flavor.

Origin: Turkey

Types Of Dishes Where The Product Can Be Used

* Soups * Meatballs *Salads

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Types Of Packaging In Which The Product Is Offered
1000 g12802 years
2500 g6642 years

Serving size: 60 g

The specified nutritional values are 60 g of dry matter, energy and nutrients; for adults, they are calculated over 2000 kcal.

NutrientsAmounts%Daily Quantity
Fat0.9 g1.4%
Carbonhydrate32.0 g10.7%
Sugar3.4 g3.8%
Fiber5.3 g21.2%
Protein13.0 g26%
Salt0,04 g6.7%