Duru 5000 Gr Fine Bulgur


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Duru 5000 Gr Fine Bulgur 

Meatball bulgur is one of the most widely used pulses in today. Meatball bulgur is usually used in Lentil Meatballs, raw meatballs and barren. It is presented to our customers with the quality of meatball bulgur Duru, which is of great interest in Turkey as well as in the world. Meatball bulgur is packaged with a natural production and halal certificate and carefully packaged for sensitive customers. Meatball bulgur, also known as bagels and düğürcük, is the 5th of the yellow bulgur varieties. its height is. Duru köftelik bulgur origin is Turkey. Bulgur meatballs can be used in soups, meat dishes, meatballs, stuffed and wrapped, vegetable dishes, rice and salads, desserts, breads and foods.

Origin: Turkey

Types Of Dishes Where The Product Can Be Used

* Soups *meat dishes *meatballs *stuffed and wrapped *types of vegetable dishes *rice *salads *desserts *breads *baby food

NutrientsAmounts%Daily Quantity
Fat1.0 g1.5%
Carbonhydrate41.6 g13.4%
Sugar1.7 g1.8%
Fiber4.9 g19.6%
Protein6.6 g13.2 %
Salt0, 04 g1.7 %

Serving size: 60 gr.

The stated nutritional values were 60 g of dry matter, energy and nutrients; for adults, 2000 kcal was calculated.

Product Operating Instructions

Meatballs should not be soaked or washed before using bulgur. As a measure at the time of cooking, it is recommended to use 2 cups of boiling water for 1 cup of meatball bulgur.