Duru 1000 Gr Coarse Bulgur With Wermicelli

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Duru 1000 Gr Coarse Bulgur With Wermicelli 

Medium Coarse bulgur with vermicelli is a mix of roasted vermicelli and medium coarse bulgur. It contains 35% roasted vermicelli and 65% medium coarse bulgur. It is delicious time saving bulgur for busy bulgur lovers.

Origin: Turkey

Type of Meals the Product can be used in

*Pilafs *Soups *Meat Meals *Vegetable Meals *Desserts

Serving size: 60gr
Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 g dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults.

NutrientsAmount% Daily Value
Calories226 kcal11 %
Fat0.9 g1 %
Carbohydrate43 g17 %
Sugar1.6 g2 %
Fiber5.9 g24 %
Protein6.6 g13 %
Salt0.1 g2 %

Preparation Tip for Product

Don’t wash and soak prior to cooking. When cooking bulgur, please use 2 cups of hot water for each cup of bulgur you want to cook.