Duru Coarse Bulgur 2.5kg


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Duru Coarse Bulgur 2.5kg

Bulgur is the most recognized and most consumed variety in the world and Turkey. The size of bulgur with rice is about 2.0 – 2.8 mm according to Turkish standards. Duru Bulgur 3 of yellow bulgur varieties. for a larger size.

Origin: Turkey

Types Of Dishes Where The Product Can Be Used

* Soups * meat dishes * stuffed and wrapped * vegetable dishes *rice * desserts

For product-related recipes : www.durulezzetler.com you can visit.

Types Of Packaging In Which The Product Is Offered
500 g121402 years
1000 g12802 years
2500 g6642 years
5000 g4502 years
5 kgBag Product
2502 years
10 kgBag Product
1002 years
25 kgBag Product402 years

Serving size: 60 g

The specified nutritional values are 60 g of dry matter, energy and nutrients; for adults, they are calculated over 2000 kcal.

NutrientsAmounts%Daily Quantity
Fat1.0 g1.5%
Carbonhydrate41.6 g13.4%
Sugar1.7 g1.8%
Fiber4.9 g19.6%
Protein6.6 g13.2 %
Salt0,04 g1.7 %

Product Operating Instructions

Do not soak or wash our product before use. During cooking, use 1 cup bulgura and 2 cups boiling water as a scale.