Duru Baldo Rice 1kg

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Duru Baldo Rice 1kg

Baldo rice is the largest and highest quality rice. Baldo rice grown in Balıkesir Gonen region is mainly used in rice. Baldo rice, which is grown in Italy besides Turkey, is a product where the consistency of rice is more difficult to give than other rice products, but its flavor is also superior to other rice. Duru uses only Balıkesir Gonen rice as Baldo rice and does not use imported rice. The best way to separate the imported baldo from the Turkish Baldo is the chalk grain in the rice. Chalk grain is excessive whiteness in the heart of the rice grain. If the Baldo you buy is more than this whiteness in rice, it is an imported Baldo. This difference consists of the characteristic feature in the soil.

Origin: Turkey

Types Of Dishes Where The Product Can Be Used

* Rice * stuffed and wrapped

For product-related recipes : www.durulezzetler.com you can visit.

Types Of Packaging In Which The Product Is Offered
1000 g12802 years
2500 g6642 years
5 kgBag Product2502 years
25 kgBag Product402 years

Serving size: 60 g

The specified nutritional values are 60 g of dry matter, energy and nutrients; for adults, they are calculated over 2000 kcal.

NutrientsAmounts%Daily Quantity
Calories21010.5 %
Fat0.8 g1.2 %
Carbonhydrate46.4 g15.5 %
Sugar0 g0 %
Fiber0.9 g3.6%
Protein3.8 g7.6 %
Salt0,03 g0.5 %

Product Operating Instructions

Soak our product in cold water for 10 minutes before cooking. Add 1.5 cups of boiling water to 1 cup of rice.