Bodrum Green Lentis 1000g

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Bodrum Green Lentis 1000g

Green lentils, which are often consumed in winter, manage to take their place in your kitchens after going through different stages. Green lentils, which are offered to the taste of their users in packages that are cut off from contact with the air, can be served in a juicy way or as a mash.

In addition to lentil food, it is recommended to be boiled before cooking, it can be used in different types of dishes such as meatballs and rice, as well as in the production of salads with vegetables. It is recommended that the product, which manages to remain fresh during the time when the package is closed, be stored in a dry, moisture-free and cool environment after opening the package.

Recommendations For Use

If you want the lentils to cook in a short time and not be hard, add the salt after cooking.