Bimex Grill

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 Before using the instrument for the first time, clean the instrument with a paper towel or tissue.

 Heat the instrument for 10 minutes, with the upper cover closed and without wires in between, by bringing the adjustment drop of the instrument to its final setting (5) / 250 ° C.

 Thanks to this process, the non-stick feature of the tool becomes even stronger.

 Before using the tool for the first time, rub a little olive oil or flower oil on the napkin and wipe the upper and lower bases thoroughly.


 Thermostat HEAT setting can be adjusted between 0 and 250 degrees according to your request.

 Whichever setting you set the setting drop to, it is automatically controlled by the thermostat.

 When you plug the power cord of the device into the socket, the lamp of the device turns on, when it reaches the desired temperature, its lamp turns off automatically.

 After the lamp goes out, start cooking whatever you want.


 The tool should be cleaned while it is warm.

 Before cleaning, unplug the power cord.  Absolutely do not keep it under water.

 You can clean the upper and lower trays of the instrument with mild detergent or vinegar water.  (Without water leakage into the device)

 Make sure the tool is dry before using the tool.


 While the tool is working, it becomes very hot and angry, do not touch it with your calm hand.

 If excessively burnt oils adhere to the trays, do not use the tool again without cleaning.

 Power Value;  230 VOLT - 230 WATT - 50 hz

 It is necessary to apply the following safety precautions when using electrical tools.

 Do not touch the hot tool.  Hold the plastic / Bakelite handles.

 To prevent electric shock;  Keep the power cord, plug and tool away from water and similar wet places.  Do not keep it under water.

 Do not use any spare parts that are not available from the manufacturer.  Failure to do so may result in electric shock and injury.

 Do not hang the energy cable from the table.  Do not close the power cable to hot objects.

 Use the tool only where it is intended.  Turn the thumbwheel to reset or “(AUS) = Off when turning off the instrument.  Unplug the power cord.

NOTE: Pan is not included.