Argeta 95 Gr Chicken Pate Halal

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Argeta pâtés are made from top-quality raw materials, are seasoned with natural flavourings, and contain no added preservatives.

Chicken pâté is the first and most established Argeta pâté. We have been making it since 1957 and it still our best-loved flavour of pâté. Argeta chicken pâté is made from chicken meat enriched with milk and soy protein and seasoned with selected natural spices.

Chicken is one of the most popular kinds of meat in the modern diet. Compared with other types of meat, chicken contains a higher level of unsaturated fats.

You can recognise Argeta chicken pâté by the green bandon the packaging.

  • Does not contain gluten.
  • Does not contain preservatives.
  • Distinct taste and high quality.
  • High nutritional value.
  • Excellent for breakfast, snacks or dinner.
  • Practical for picnics and trips.