Anatolian Garden Sunflower Oil 2000ml


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Anatolian Garden Sunflower Oil 2000ml

It is obtained from sunflower seeds by natural methods such as pressing and extracting. Sunflower oil, which is suitable for frying with its lightness, can also be used with pleasure for other dishes along with your salads.

Tricks for your roast recipes: be sure to dry all the ingredients you wash before frying in a paper towel, so that you don't splash them in the pan. Toss a little salt into the pan before frying the oil. You can roast safely, as the oil you use will not splash. Varieties such as fish, chicken meat should be fried by covering flour, breadcrumbs with eggs or thin dough. In this way, they are prevented from drying by direct contact with excessive heat.

Be careful to keep liquid oils away from moisture and closed mouth in a place that does not see light, is at room temperature.