Aheste 250 Ml Spray Lemon Cologne


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One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from viruses in today's conditions is to use disinfectants and alcohol cologne in addition to cleaning your hands and body. The use of cologne causes almost all of the viruses to die. In particular, colognes with ease of use attract quite a lot of attention. The colognes contained in the spray bottle are very practical in terms of use and become more hygienic.

If hands are not constantly washed or disinfectants are not used, hygiene should be ensured with alcohol-based cleaners. In particular, colognes with an alcohol content of more than 60 percent are recommended by experts. due to the fact that there is also more than 80% ethyl alcohol in the 80-degree cologne, a high degree of hygiene is ensured. In cases where there is no disinfectant or water, cologne should definitely be used. Cologne, which keeps the feeling of decency and relaxation together, was used for medical purposes in the early days when it was discovered. It is also used today for wound cleaning and mouth rinses.

There are generally representations such as 70 degrees and 80 degrees on cologne bottles. 80 degree alcohol cologne; 80-96% ethyl alcohol the remaining part shows that it consists of essence and water. When cologne is stored with its mouth closed and away from the sun, it usually does not deteriorate for five years. The feeling of refreshment and relaxation after using cologne is due to the volatile and rapid evaporation of ethyl alcohol contained in it. Thus, the body temperature also decreases with ethyl alcohol.

The mixture of water and alcohol contained in the cologne does not cause any harm to the skin. However, it is useful for people who have skin health problems to be a little more cautious when using cologne. According to the statements of experts, cologne dries the skin, prevents sweating and can cause various damage to sensitive skin. Therefore, the use of cologne should be done correctly and competently.

The bottle in which the cologne is located is of great importance in this case. The cologne used by spraying in spray bottles reaches almost all parts of the place where it is used easily. Therefore, the use of cologne is homogeneous. In addition, the colognes used in places and cars provide easier and more convenient use with the spray. Do not overdo it with the use of cologne and always wash your hands and contact areas after some time after using cologne. But since ethyl alcohol is volatile, cologne does not harm the skin.