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Although washing machines make the washing process easier than before, there are many points to be considered. You may also be separating colored and white to maintain the vitality of your laundry on the first day, or you may be careful to choose the most appropriate washing program. But these are still not enough to ensure perfect cleaning.

Another element that affects the performance of washing machines is laundry detergents. The type of detergent you use affects the health of your machine as well as the life of your laundry. At this point, we are faced with powder and liquid detergents as the most common types of detergents. So let's look for the answer to the question of how to choose the best washing machine detergent together.

Although most users focus on detergent measurements with the question of how much detergent is put in the washing machine for a good wash, the type of detergent is of much greater importance. In order to find the one that suits you best, you first need to dec the differences between liquid detergent and powder detergent. Thanks to this, you can set your priorities and make your choice of detergent much more consciously.

Liquid detergents, advantages and disadvantages

The cleaning method with liquid detergent, which is often preferred for ease of use, brings with it some advantages and disadvantages. Liquid detergents with different components are quite common, especially since they perform well on strong stains such as oil stains. If you are accumulating greasy work clothes, you can use liquid detergents that can penetrate deep into the fabric fibers. Another reason why liquid detergents are popular is that they are sold in convenient bottles with pleasant smells from each other.

On the other hand, if you are using a decontamination detergent, it is quite possible that you will encounter dust residues that accumulate between the fabric fibers. Liquid detergents are completely soluble in water, which greatly eliminates this problem. Since the powder contains fewer chemicals compared to detergents, it tends to be more environmentally friendly.

There is no obvious drawback, except that liquid detergents are a little more expensive. However, a washing machine can cause some odor problems when using liquid detergent. If you live in an area with chalky or hard waters, it is worth knowing that the combination of the soap component in liquid detergents and chalky water creates a bad smell over time. The deciencies of liquid detergents can also be cited as limiting the effectiveness of bleaching chemicals such as bleach.

Powder detergents, advantages and disadvantages

Powder detergents, which were indispensable for washing machines until liquid detergents appeared on the market, remain popular today. Although this popularity is due to the fact that it is cheaper, you should know that you will have many advantages when it comes to cleaning with a powder detergent.

The most obvious advantage of powder detergents is their power in cleaning old and stubborn stains. Therefore, if you are accumulating mud-soaked jerseys or garden clothes with grass stains, you may need to opt for powder detergents. On the other hand, if you have calcareous water, it is necessary to say that powder detergents are a better choice for both your laundry and your machine. Another advantage of powder detergents is that they have fewer paint additives in their content.

So what are the disadvantages of powder detergents? The biggest disadvantage of powder detergents versus liquid detergents is that they are sold previously unresolved. In other words, unlike liquids, the dissolution process in water occurs during washing. This, in turn, can cause detergent residues that have accumulated on clothes in the form of deposits. This condition, which occurs especially when washing at low temperatures, also brings problems such as skin irritation and allergies.

On the other hand, most washing machines cause detergent residue in the machine corners and crevices when using powdered detergent. This, in turn, can reduce machine performance over time.